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The World Cup that the Government of Brazil does not show you

In 2014 the world will live the "Brazilian dream ". It is the country of the World Cup, "tropical, blessed by God and beautiful by nature. But what a beauty! " What a beauty? The 2014 FIFA World Cup has also implied attractions, but these the Brazilian government chose to hide from the world. Let's take a tour and learn a little more of that " Brazil ".

Upon arriving in Brazil, you are a tourist, you may be surprised right away by assaults with firearms. The records SIM (Mortality Information Subsystem - Ministry of Health), show that, between 1980 and 2010, about 800,000 citizens were killed by shots of some sort of firearm. During this period, the victims are from 8,710 in 1980 to 38,892 in 2010, an increase of 346.5 %! And to complete in 2013 the number of deaths after assault in São Paulo increased by 74 %. Nationwide, the murder rate in general is 20.4 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, the eighth worst mark among 100 nations considered relatively reliable statistics on the subject.

We also know what other "attraction" which unfortunately is on the rise. It's called prostitution. Brazil is in the sex tourism route and according to UNICEF, in 2010 data , approximately 250,000 children were prostituting themselves. Children are poor, broken families, residents of suburbs and slums around tourist neighborhoods and edges that offer cheap commodity in this market.

If this were not enough, he still has the hunger that is present in the daily lives of many Brazilians. Lack of food causes approximately 32 million people suffer from hunger, added to the 65 million people who do not eat the minimum daily amount of calories. Even with the Bolsa Família, the famous social program that ensured victory for very political, but that did not guarantee end hunger, we see that the trend of the situation is worse, since a large part of the money of the country is at hand 10 % of the population.

Last but not least comes the precarious public health. Much advertising is done about the Brazilian economy, but if we take a look at the rows and the number of deaths due to lack of care in hospitals see that the need to take care of the people as the main treasure of the country has not been considered. Indeed, perhaps the situation was better in 1500 because it was easier to find a shaman or medicine man in the street, than medical hospital today. The Ministry of Health decided to do a survey and score 0-10 health in Brazil . The note was national 5.4. Since 27 % of the country is classified in health below 5 and the worst score among major municipalities went to Rio de Janeiro: 4.3.

These are some of the attractions that the world will meet in 2014. But the media will not show it to you. Then open your eyes , look for real information , do not believe what is reported by newspapers broadcasters who condone it all. We are not outraged and protesting without reasons against holding the 2014 World Cup. The situations mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg in front of other problems facing the nation.

If you did not agree with the attitudes that Government join us. Show that no longer accept this lack of respect, this attack on human life that is caused by corruption and lack of interest of the rulers of that country.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
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